Ways to get to Your “Dream university” Without Lying, Bribing or Photoshopping

Posted on Dec 18 2019 - 11:55pm by Araceli Vila

Ways to get to Your “Dream university” Without Lying, Bribing or Photoshopping

Understand how to get a nearly unjust (appropriate!) benefit to enter into a high university.

In the event that ridiculous, presumably criminal behavior by Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin has taught us such a thing, it really is exactly what we really would like: our children to be become pleased and effective, in LIFETIME.

Yes, employing you to definitely correct your ACT or bribing an university advisor to recruit your kid is really a smidge aggressive, but, as being a moms and dad of four myself, i am aware the impulse to give our children an advantage.

But where most parents – and guidance counselors, for instance – miss out the mark is in the overemphasis in the four many years of university.

Within our experience, that synthetic sliver of the young adult’s presence is maybe maybe perhaps not almost since essential whilst the next 40-50 years post-college.

Lockwood College Prep is really a college advising firm, but our focus differs from the others, rather than suitable for everyone.

We help choose children that are college-bound families determine the best place to use and things to major in to achieve success after and during university, “position” themselves to enter into their Dream Colleges, and be eligible for amazing, nice levels of school funding and scholarships.

All of us is made up of previous college admissions officers from elite universities, former Ivy League and “Little Ivy” League athletes and students.

Our solutions consist of university advising, school funding and scholarship consulting and educational essaypro legit funding types planning, SAT and ACT prep and much more.

To the knowledge, we have been the only game in city to mix and unify these interrelated procedures in one place.

We have been maybe maybe not certified economic advisers, and never offer monetary items and make commissions.

System costs vary from $1,700 to a lot more than $20,000, with regards to the scope of solutions so when a grouped household begins with us ( ag e.g. 9th grade vs 11th). 99percent of families come in the center somewhere.

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You can book a call on our prospective client calendar, below (subject to availability) if you are interested in having a complimentary, casual but informative conversation about working together to create a winning college plan,. We provide five sessions each Monday.

If you should be seriously interested in working together with an university consultant, We’d be pleased to talk you the best advice I’m capable of with you and give. This session may be either a “one-off” assessment, or it could result in engaging our company, when we mutually decide that is the appropriate step that is next.


Reside, local academic and often entertaining workshops for moms and dads of college-bound teens, who will be consumed with stress and confused in regards to the university application and school funding procedure, and do not understand how to start!

This workshop will cut through the clutter and assistance you create an absolute university game policy for selecting an university list, getting back in and affording it without mortgaging your property or your retirement as much as the eyeballs! You will discover:

  • WARNING – did your CPA or “Financial Guy” let you know where you can save your self for university? He might have sabotaged your eligibility for help ( you could probably fix things during the 11th hour)!
  • The reason that is strange expensive “high sticker cost” personal university can really cost not so much when compared to a “cheaper” state college
  • The facts in what admissions officers from competitive universities wish to see in a candidate (hint: it isn’t more or less grades and ratings, and does not include spending a tutor to just take your SAT for you personally!)
  • Just how to negotiate having an university following a stingy scholarship or aid offer that is financial
  • Business owners/self-employed – unique benefits, lethal traps
  • 4.5 appropriate “loopholes” that can save you thousands
  • Divorced/separated families – which moms and dad should register, how to approach a Deadbeat (uncooperative) ex, more
  • The “look straight right back” durations for the FAFSA and CSS Profile
  • Your “burning” questions – fire away!
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Night note: the information you’ll receive is NOT the same old, same old you’ll hear from your guidance counselor or at your high school’s “College.

The presenter is agenda-free, dull and not really politically proper. Effortlessly offended moms and dads may go to at their particular risk!


Get every final buck of monetary help and scholarships you deserve – rather than blow a deadline – with your quick, effortless and stress-free types planning solution.

Expert preparation of one’s FAFSA, CSS Profile, Business Supplement and all sorts of other types needed by the universities. (NOTE: numerous universities need these types to be viewed for merit-based help.)

We’ll Pay Your Children’s Student Loans!

Big announcement: i am settling most of your children’s student education loans (did you notice?)!

Kidding! The screenshot is hilarious, though, isn’t it? ??

But, i have got something better yet: I’ll coach you on how to prevent taking in debt that is crushing or needlessly overpaying for university – through the get-go.

View this webinar, where it is explained by me all!

Through the moment we moved in your door the very first time, we felt a massive fat have been lifted down me personally. Many thanks for many which you have inked to simply help me personally and my valuable girls.

-Beth Freeman Marcus, Scottsdale, Arizona

It absolutely was literally a large relief once you understand that there clearly was help you here and also you guided us detail by detail. You conserved me thousands of dollars that may allow me personally to little lose a less rest.

Thanks for the assistance, guidance as well as for constantly being here once I had a large number of concerns.

-Michael Levy, Roslyn Nyc

You will be the IDEAL! HARVARD 2021.

-Alec Fischthal, Longer Island, NY
(Admitted to Harvard)

Andy and Pearl: many thanks a great deal! We am therefore stoked up about my acceptance to Yale and I also could not did it without your entire assistance back at my application.

We appreciate your entire assistance throughout the application procedure.

-Greta B, Very Long Island, Brand Brand Brand New York
(Admitted to Yale)

Please thank Andy Lockwood for their presentation that is wonderful at recent Board Meeting. We discovered it extremely informative and helpful.

President, Roslyn Highschool Parent Faculty Association

We came across to you – you explained that you mightn’t assist me personally and not to waste my cash. That is when I knew you had been a guy that is honest!

Anthony DiBattista, Brand Brand Brand New Hyde Park, NY

Just How To Pay “Wholesale” For University

Discover h ow “Forgotten Middle Class” families can slash university expenses by 49.1%, also when they think Why bother, school funding is not for families like us! (Andy’s first most popular Book.)

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Complimentary Report For Parents Whom Saved Into The “Incorrect” Places

Our latest report that details the inconvenient truth in regards to the 529 as well as other university cost cost savings cars which will have SABOTAGED your eligibility for funds and scholarships. and what direction to go about this in the event that you did!


Your Kid: Our Venture!

For parents of rising seniors suffering from a sinking pit-in-stomach feeling in regards to the inescapable tension from yelling and threatening your youngster all summer time to have their college applications D-O-N-E.

Listed here is how exactly to transform your self from anxiety. to college success!

Enroll them inside our intensive bootcamp-style summer time workshops to finish the faculty essay and applications BEFORE they go back once again to school!

Perhaps maybe maybe Not for the weak and worthless.

NOTE: Registration open through July 1 (susceptible to accessibility).

New: The School Planning Edge Podcast

Blunt, non-politically proper viewpoint and advice about university admissions, scholarships, crazy parents, misleading universities, more!